It’s a bird, it’s a plane…

November 18, 2008

No, it’s Grief Girl!  Able to scare coworkers away after only seconds of conversation, able to hide in her dark office for hours, skipping committee meetings, Grief Girl possesses the ability to make you feel uncomfortable and guilty for every good thing that’s ever come into your life.

Guaranteed to put a damper on any party or social gathering, Grief Girl may lure you into complacency by laughing, but don’t be fooled.  One mention of babies, holidays, workplace childcare, or asparagus and she will dissolve into tears, rendering you helpless before her.  Your only real defense is to throw Kleenex and run for the nearest escape route.

Which is to say, gosh I’m fun to be around these days.



  1. Hello Grief Girl. From one Grief Girl to another. I hear you. This all rings very true, and I’m barely back out in the world yet, still hiding away from it all in the comfort of my own home. Heaven help everyone when I do remerge from this mess.

  2. Erica – I’m glad you’re able to keep a sense of humor among this strange awful craziness. Thanks for making me laugh a little today. Love.

  3. This was hilarious… in our deadbaby way.

    Sometimes all you can do is laugh, right?

  4. I don’t think you’re perceived as anything else from now on either. Hope you like that cape, Grief Girl. You’re pretty much stuck with it.

  5. I need the t-shirt! It is so true, sadly.

  6. I want the t-shirt, too, but I’d probably never dare to wear it, even on days when I feel most cursed with super-crappy super powers.

    But it could make for a good Indie comic book: “The Soggy Adventures of Grief Girl, with guest appearances by Sad Dad”

    And maybe Grief Girl needs a cape, though I’m still hoping that in a few years she won’t be *quite* so present in my life.

  7. […] I watched as my co-worker realized that I am Grief Girl. “That’s you? ” she asked. “I thought that you would have been out for at […]

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