Parting shots from 2008

December 30, 2008

2008 hates me, but not only me. I have so many dear friends who have been hurt this year, so many friends of friends who are going through terrible times, that I’m becoming very superstitious about it.

With that in mind, I said a very foolish thing on Christmas Eve, something about just a few more days to get through until 2009. There was an inner flinch when I said it, as though I knew I was tempting fate or testing my (apparently very bad) luck.

We have a leak in our floor. Not near any of the walls, not near any pipes, though I’m hoping it’s a pipe thing anyway. It’s soaked through spots in the carpet into many a towel, and we’ve put a fan on it. Today it’s better, but today it’s colder outside, it’s stopped raining, and there’s less melting snow on the ground. I’m thinking cracks in the foundation and I’m thinking, mold, and I’m thinking, oh please, don’t make us move now. We’re too tired.

I am not thinking anything like, it could be worse, because there’s not enough wood around here to knock on after saying a thing like that.¬† Instead, I’m thinking, Please oh please oh please let this be the last of the bad news for a while, the last parting shot of a roller-coaster year.

How much worse can the wreck get after the coaster cars have flown off the tracks and are lying smashed next to the rails? I don’t want to know.



  1. Sigh… I wish I had comforting words to say that don’t sound trite. Just that you never have to ride this f-ed u rollercoaster alone…

  2. I don’t want to know either.

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