March 13, 2009

Here I sit, on the floor of the convention center in Seattle, listening to librarians talk about online tools and resources in the distance, hoping I don’t return home to more roof annoyances.

I don’t like being away from N for days at a time. We did the long-distance thing for a few years of our pre-marriage relationship, and those days, when you know you have to leave, when everything seems gray and sad? Those days are worse now even though I know (assuming there’s no giant automobile or plane accident) that I’ll be home again soon.

The good news is that I’m staying with one of my very dearest friends, who is, unfortunately, going through a cruel divorce. The details of it aren’t mine to spill, but being here and spending time with her is making it very clear that while we are grieving the loss of very different people, we are both grieving.

I hate that she’s in pain, but I love having someone to share this with, in person.  We’ve also shared a 5-mile walk around her neighborhood, some very fine steamed clams, some champagne, and hopes and dreams for our futures, and this has been good, too.  Friends – online and IRL – are so necessary to this healing process.  I’m very lucky in mine.

Now, off to another presentation on library services, because that’s the sort of jet-setting and exciting conference this is.


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