April 26, 2009

Somewhere in the middle of the United States is a beautiful and beloved baby girl named Kaitlyn.  She was born with a heart defect, and while they were hoping to wait until she was bigger to correct it with surgery, she’s been having a hard time and they need to do the surgery on Wednesday.

The family has rallied, and Kaitlyn, her parents, and her brother are surrounded with love, but her parents are understandably crazy with worry.

I’m hoping so hard that her parents don’t have to join our club, that her brother gets to keep his baby sister.  I no longer know if I believe in prayer – it’s something I really struggle with these days, but I believe in love and hope, and if you have prayers or good thoughts, or any love or hope to offer up for Kaitlyn, please  do so.




  1. Thinking of Kaitlyn and her family.

  2. I still believe in prayer, though I don’t believe we always get what we ask for, I believe it generates good somehow–perhaps in the form of love and hope. I pray for a safe and successful surgery for Kaitlyn and a full recovery and I send love and hope to her family.

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