Cheering myself up

May 4, 2009

Having gotten myself into a really deep misanthropic funk, I somehow managed to remember…

the existence of Jane Goodall.

And I immediately felt better.  She spoke at my university not so long ago, and was inspiring, uplifting, galvanizing.

On a lark, I went to The Jane Goodall Institute web site and found this: Jane Goodall — My Four Reasons for Hope. Feel better after reading it? I certainly did.

I see so much kindness and hope, perseverance and resiliency, concern and care in this online community.  I wish I saw more of it IRL, but perhaps I need to look harder and take more time to nurture the good I do see.  Perhaps, after losing Teddy, I’m more prone to seeing the grim, selfish, destructive side of things and I need to re-train myself to see the good and kind side again.

I may assign myself Goodall’s two part autobiography, Africa in My Blood and Beyond Innocence as part of my re-training process.

Which doesn’t mean I’m not still hoping for a modern-day Robin Hood, or a modern-day Dickens.



  1. I need to re-train myself, too. Its easier to see that stuff now I think. I think I am always looking for faults in people (in real life). I already feel so alienated from most people I know.
    Thinking of you Erica.

  2. very nice

  3. Indeed, its so hard to see the goodness and compassion in people when I spend so much time being angry/frustrated/disappointed it what they’ve had to offer since Ezra left. Thanks for sharing this.

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