Nine months

May 16, 2009

Nine months.  He would be nine months and one day old today.

Nine months is supposed to mean something else.

I miss you, Teddy.



  1. Remembering Teddy with you today Erica. Nine months seems so much more significant than all the months that have come before it. We are really on a downhill slope now to the big dreaded one year mark……
    Much love to you xo

  2. I’m sorry that your boy never got a chance to bloom. Thinking of you as you pass this milestone.

  3. Nine months is. At about that time, I think I started saying “It is what it is.” ((hug))

    The rose is gorgeous. Is it fragrant?

  4. So, so sorry. 9 months is a really hard milestone. Thinking of you and Teddy as always.

  5. I remember 9 months as probably the worst. I wish Teddy were here to enjoy spring with you and your family. I’m sorry.

  6. Wishing Teddy were in your arms. Much love.

  7. thank you for stopping by my blog erica. thinking of you and teddy and holding you in my heart. it’s just over 9 months since i lost my son lev. i’m here with you.


  8. I’m so sorry that Teddy isn’t with you at this important milestone.

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