Court, packing, and sundries

July 10, 2009

Sitting in court yesterday, listening to a very long case about one coworker stalking another, N and I couldn’t help notice that our landlord wasn’t there.  When our turn came (three hours later), our case was dismissed because of her absence.  So that’s one good thing.  I’m relieved and also frustrated.  We worried about this for so long, prepared folders of materials, and then attended a longer-than-usual court session, and she didn’t even have to show up because she already has what she wanted, for her tenants not to contact her about her property.

New Landlord cashed our check.  We’re in.  Which is a huge old relief.  It will be good to get out of this place, but much better if we know we’re moving somewhere we like.

I’m packed, showered, and almost ready to fly off to my Chicago conference.  I’m going to miss N so much it seems silly, and I really wish he were coming with me.  After Teddy died, it’s hard for me to leave home, and in this case, well, Chicago is his city, and it will seem strange to be there without him.



  1. ((hugs)) I hope you have a good time at the conference.
    Phew about the court case and check being cashed. yay!!

  2. Safe travels. Hope you enjoy the conference.

  3. Hope wonderful things come your way in your new place. Peace.

  4. glad the housing issues are settled. what a moron landlord.

    I don’t like being without Triple S either, it’s hard. Hopefully the conference will keep you super busy and make you exhausted!

  5. Since Ezra left, I have the same tendency to just want to stay home with D. Wishing you a safe and peaceful trip, and an easy and quick return!

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