September 1, 2009

Like so many in the online babylost community, I’d been waiting for a new baby announcement, waiting to send congratulations and love.  They’ve been through so damned much, and I was hoping so hard for them, aching for them to get this one great happiness after all their sorrow.

And now their third is gone, their beautiful Jet, who was so new and longed for and loved.  I sit here crying, realizing as I do so that what I feel is only the tiniest, most insignificant echo of the grief they are feeling.  No one should have to bear that much grief.

I’m howling wordlessly and wishing there were better words, words that could hold enough beauty or wisdom to offer any comfort.  I wish there was comfort.

Mirne, I’m holding you and Craig, Freyja, Kees, and Jet in my heart.


  1. i know. my jaw has just been hanging open all day. i don’t get it. i just don’t get it. i am broken for them, speechless.

  2. Hi;
    I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time. I think you are amazing. Trying to check in on Mirne and Craig, and their blog seems to be gone. Do you happen to know if everything is OK?

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