New Monday

October 26, 2009

I’m not a fan of Mondays. They’re such back-to-work, no-more-sleeping-in-for-you killjoys, usually.

I’ve also suspected for some time that if I were to approach them with a different attitude, they might be more inclined to be kind.

And after a good weekend, where I made progress with unpacking, took in a load of recycling, went for a lovely walk in the arboretum, finished some yard work, stocked up on birdseed, planned out our dinner menus for the week, went grocery shopping (got a great 2-for-1 deal on pumpkins!), AND made an incredibly satisfying meal out of baked potatoes, cheese, turkey bacon and green salad, I thought it might be time to try a proactively positive Monday.

(My years of work have taught me a healthy dislike of the word ‘proactive’ but I couldn’t come up with a better one.)

So, in spite of a very restless night, I took time this morning to fill the crock pot up with pork roast, stew vegetables, and sauce made from cranberries and other flavorings.  I am feeling very virtuous and domestic, in spite of the fact that I really should have seared the pork first, but boiled meat is eaten by people every day, right?  Right?

In any case, having dinner simmering away now means that I have time to plant some snowdrop bulbs when I get home.  It’s really too late for autumn planting, but now that the sudden cold snap has passed the weather is more mellow, and I’m hoping wildly that if I get them in before the next cold snap a few of them will still come up in the spring.  I’m trying for some anemones, too.  Again, it’s a long shot, but I love the vivid colors of them, and couldn’t stop myself from putting the bulbs in my cart at the hardware store.  Also, I should have time to plot out how I want to carve my jack o’lantern this year.  I have no memories of Hallowe’en from last year, and wouldn’t have taken any comfort from cutting up a pumpkin then, but this year, it feels right.

And, I’m finally going to order some prints of my photographs of Teddy.  It’s time.  I want him to have an album, something tangible that we (and hopefully someday his sister) can look at.

Now, Monday, I’ve done my part.  Please don’t smite me.  At least not too hard.



  1. Sounds like a good start to the week.

    (I cook meat in the slow cooker w/o searing it too.)

  2. I love the peaceful picture I have in my head, reading this. I think after all that effort you definitely deserve Monday to be nice to you.

  3. Here’s to gentle Mondays. Peace.

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