January 31, 2010

Saturday we went in for another NST, and before we left the hospital our doctor had us scheduled for a cesaerian birth on Monday (yes, that would be the same Monday that is also tomorrow).

I haven’t been able to buy many baby things yet. I’m still struggling to believe that we’ll need them, though it’s a hopeful struggle. N bought a bag of diapers last week, and I still find myself staring at them, thinking, “We have diapers. We may need diapers.”

And we may need them soon, because early tomorrow morning Dot will be born. It’s amazing and mind-boggling and surreal, and it’s hard for me to pray these days, but I can’t stop putting this out there for God or the Universe or for any kindly-disposed passing glimmer of luck or magic: Please, please, please let her be healthy and safe.


  1. Oh goodness. I am just holding tight for you and Dot. Please update as soon as possible. Tomorrow!

  2. Eeep! Sending good thoughts your way tomorrow! I can’t wait to read the great news!

  3. i find it hard to pray too…but i’m hoping hoping that everything goes well and you have your beautiful healthy baby girl in your arms tomorrow. wow tomorrow!
    good luck!

  4. I prayed for you this morning. More prayers and hope coming your way.

  5. I will be hoping with all my might, and can’t wait to hear the good news of Dot’s safe arrival!

  6. Oh my goodness. So terrifying. So exciting.
    Here with you all the way, Erica. I absolutely can’t wait for the big announcement.
    Sending love and luck.


  7. Thinking of you, Erica. Looking forward to welcoming Dot. Sending so much love xx

  8. I am so excited for you! Hoping and wishing for a beautiful cross to the finish line!!!

  9. I haven’t commented in a while, but I’ve been lurking and thinking of you. Hoping and wishing and waiting…and sending love and lots of healthy baby vibes.

  10. Oh my. My hands are outstretched to grab any passing glimmers of luck or magic for you that I find hanging around out there in the air.
    Tomorrow. Wow. Thinking of you, N and Dot and hoping that everything goes wonderfully tomorrow. Much love xo

  11. Wishing and wishing for you to have a beautiful experience and to hold a healthy, happy baby Dot in your arms.

  12. That’s today!!! Waiting for news and pics! I can’t wait to ‘meet’ Dot!

  13. Sending you a beautiful birth and lusty baby cries.

    So much love to you!

  14. Arg.

    In my excitement, what I meant to say was….

    Wishing you a beautiful birth and lusty baby cries!

  15. all good thoughts going your way!!! can’t wait to hear!

  16. please please please. can’t wait to hear. joy to you.

  17. I am hoping and praying that she will be healthy too.

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