December 25, 2010

Last night, in spite of my exectations to the contrary, I found myself sipping whisky with my husband in the kitchen. We even brought out the Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch and read the descriptions of what we were drinking – peat and pepper, a “winter warmer.”

We talked and laughed and daydreamed about traveling. We broke into the raspberry Danish intended for Christmas breakfast. We stayed up later than parents of an almost-eleven-month-old should do. And then, because PBS, bless them, was showing a Jane Austen marathon, we watched the end of Persuasion.

We were merry. In spite of our sadnesses and different ways of seeing the holidays. And now I’m snuggling my Dot who is wearing the world’s most adorable red holiday pajamas and I keep smiling. I hope you get a little merry to go with the bright this year, too.

But if merry is too far a stretch, then I hope some peace finds you.



  1. This was fun to read. Glad your holiday had some merry!

  2. sounds restorative – which is what the holidays really are for

    Merry to you too

  3. It sounds so lovely. I am glad for you. xo

  4. Sounds absolutely lovely

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