Sleep-deprived query

January 7, 2011

I’ve just spent way too much time online confirming what I already know. No matter what anyone tells you, there’s no magical and quick way to get your baby to go to sleep easily and when you want her to.

Dot is currently in transition – new room at daycare, new baby friends, new teachers. Also we’re coming out of our relaxed holiday break schedule into a time when it’s actually important I show up to work on time. These changes may account for a lot. I’m trying to be patient.

But after three nights of having my nipples gnawed on* for actual hours by my wee little darling, I feel compelled to ask –

Do I give up on nursing her down after, say, one hour of trying and failing, and just let her run around until she wants to sleep? Or is consistency important enough that I should lie back, think of England (okay, I’m not British, but you know) and let her go at it until she conks out?

My brain says, “Consistency is good.”

My boobs just say, “Ow. Ow. Make it stop.”

Also, if you could please lie to me and tell me that none of this means I’ll never have sex again, I would appreciate it.

And yes, it is a bit strange that I can’t swear convincingly but am somehow perfectly able to discuss my nipples in public.


*She’s not actually biting, but she does have four new teeth and while I thought my nipples were Teflon-coated at this point in my life it turns out that, after 45 minutes of consistent nursing per side, they’re not.



  1. Bea just nursed for an entire 2 h nap….

    She might be seeking comfort with you at night with all the daytime changes. Maybe the weekend will help – get a nap in! We are taking it easy this weekend to recoup from holidays.

    Also might want to look at replies on my last post… I plan to come back here and see what folks say!

    Hang in there mama! Xoxo

  2. I really don’t know – sorry, that’s not helpful, is it. Toby is EXACTLY the same at the moment. He just seems determined not to sleep unless he has a nipple in his mouth. My other two breast feeders were not like this so I’m in uncharted territory too. we tend to go for the “get him up and let him play”, which is not an ideal solution but since I can’t and won’t contemplate a “crying out” type of solution, I feel like I have to just accept that he will sleep when he will sleep. (((HUGS))), it’s exhausting (and painful!)

  3. Angus was like this, but miraculously turned a corner at 11 months when he started crawling (eg it was really tiring him out). Then at 12 months when he started walking, he seemed to get a bit better again. Of course now he seems to be winding back on sleep again though, as he moves towards one nap instead of two. But at night, it has to be MEEEE, MEEEE, MEEEE who puts him to be as I am the only one with boobs in this house and I can’t see any other way around this, at least not in the near future.
    I really don’t have any advice. Just that somehow, you get through it.

  4. We did this off and on for a looooong time. If there is any way you can get through the transition without shaking her world any further (by letting her cry) it will likely make things easier in the long run. There were nights I didn’t think I would make it. But I did. Take care of yourself mama and remember how much she needs you. She feels all the sadness too.

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