The small moment that spins the world around

January 10, 2011

Today while I was visiting daycare for Dot’s lunch I noticed my child standing on all fours, with her head down on the mat and her bottom up in the air, looking through her legs.  It was pretty cute, and the first time I’d seen her spend so much time upside down.  I said something about it to her teacher, who told me she’s heard that this pose means the baby is looking for a sibling.

“So maybe she’s looking for her sibling,” she said.

“Maybe she is,” I agreed.

I’m so sorry he’s not here, sweetie.  I keep looking for him, too.



  1. Oh how my heart jumped reading this. I’m always looking for all of them.

  2. Bea does this too. Never heard of this old wives’ tale. I’ve always taken it to mean she is trying to figure out how to stand up without something to crawl up.

    And it sounds like the daycare lady is fishing for when you are going to try for another! Geez!

    Today I wondered what Bea will think of Serenity. Whatever are we going to do?? I don’t want to unnecessarily heap grief and angst and worry on her.

  3. They are wise, our living children. Looking with you…sending love.

  4. Oh wow. Toby is the only one of mine to have done that – maybe, maybe. I’m not bendy enough to try it so I’ll keep missing her from the upright position.

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