How we wake up

January 17, 2011

How we wake up

We pull Dot into bed with us, so this is what I see most mornings before I slip out of bed and into the bathroom to wash my face and try to feel awake. N snuggles with Dot, keeping her safe and warm, as I throw things in bags and attempt to convince myself that it will only take one more sip of coffee to wake up.

Taking this photo helped me realize how much I love these mornings, rushed and crazy as they can be.  I love the mornings when I hear the soft, mingled snores of daddy and baby sleeping, and I love the mornings when I hear snatches of conversation – N’s voice deep with residual sleep, and Dot’s happy burble. And this morning, as all was quiet, I took a few seconds to remember how lucky I am, to have this man in my bed.


  1. sweet. Bea babbles so wonderfully in the morning too (although when it is before the sun is up, it’s hard to appreciate…)

  2. This made me smile. The peaceful moments in the middle of the chaos are wonderful. It’s so good to slow down however briefly to enjoy them.

  3. Looks alarmingly like my mornings, only the bubba is snuggled in with me mostly and it is Daddy who is doing the sneaking out of bed. There is nothing better than baby snuggles in the morning.
    Despite the fact I’d love another hour or two of sleep, it is the best time of the day.
    I’m so lucky, just like you.

  4. Our mornings too…the best kind of chaos I’ve ever experienced.

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