Be kind

April 5, 2011

Today I’ve been brooding, brooding over the unending rain, over missing my Teddy, over the way that cruelty is so stupidly and casually easy to so many people. This last seems especially horrible. We can’t control the weather. We can’t, usually, control life and death, or tsunamis, earthquakes, or the thousand random tragedies that wait for the unsuspecting every day. But we can control our own actions and words. When the world is harsh and uncaring, we can be kind.

I love this song. I love the way it seems to be about the lack of human kindness and the longing for it at the same time. It feels like today. And I’m going to keep it in my head (not hard with a Randy Newman song, after all) and remind myself to be kind. In the face of the rain and the grief and the world-weariness. I will slip up, but I’ll keep at it. Being kind is going to be my great Fuck You to cruelty and ignorance and tragedy.

I am so grateful for all of you who light candles in the dark, who speak caringly in the face of fear and cynicism and anger and ignorance. Thank you for sharing your kindness with me, for reminding me that human kindness isn’t a joke.




  1. I think I have a good idea as to why you wrote this post, as I had subscribed to comments on your last post. Not even worth mentioning though, but I think this post is lovely. You are lovely. Teddy is lovely.
    Being kind is all we can ask for and hope for.

  2. i adore this song. Bette Midler sings it in Beaches and it’s always been one of my favorite sad songs. sending you hugs, and hoping the kindness of people is what you see and not the cruelty.

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