June 2, 2011

I am reading the Right Where I Am posts. Being a slow reader, I’m about halfway through, but I keep reading, drawn on by how remarkable these posts are.

I am struck by the honesty and variety of each post, and amazed by the beauty and pain and rage and grace and wisdom and articulate howling and hard-won insight, by the earnestness and humor, by the giving and sharing and vulnerability that can be seen in this project.

Thank you Angie, for kicking this off, and to all of you who’ve shared where you are. The hard road is eased by your company.


  1. Awestruck. Good word. That’s how I’m feeling about this as well. Our community feels strong right now. Angie should be so proud of the way she’s brought us all together and for how she’s introduced so many new grieving mothers to those of us who have been hanging around these parts a bit longer. And I’ve also enjoyed the insights from those further ahead than us.
    Glad you participated as well, given we gained access to this community in the same week all those years ago.

  2. just wanted to thank you for turning me on to the Right Where I Am posts…i am no longer fully embedded in this community and miss things as they happen. but i needed to read these, to take them in, to know where all of you are now and consider the question myself. thanks, E.

  3. I am slowly working my way through them. I try to get through at least 2 a day. If my tears/emotions allow me to get through the first one entirely! Thank you for stopping by and reading mine. It truly does help to know that im not just “talking” to myself. I agree! Angie is amazing for allowing us to link to her blog and being fortunate enough to be able to share with other parents like us!

  4. Awestruck is the perfect word for it. I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I’ve just read through about 95% of your posts and I have thoroughly enjoyed them (as much as one can under the circumstances). I laughed out loud at some. And cried at some. And nodded throughout and agreed wholeheartedly with all. By the way, I probably swear enough for two people. Maybe, I’ll try to swear less so that you can swear more. (As if the two are related)

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