15 Minutes in Heaven

December 19, 2011

Which is to say, after finally getting Dot to sleep last night (she does love herself a power struggle, my little girl), I turned on the baby monitor, took it into the bathroom with me, locked the door, and proceeded to have a very hot, steamy, long, refreshing, sinus-clearing shower.

I smell good.

And my legs are shaved.

Wishing you something like this – whatever your own 15 minutes in (decidedly earthly) heaven is – in this week in December.



  1. Confession – two days unshowered here. I’m so jealous! Ok, trying to peel the toddler limbs off me now while the baby sleeps so I can get one myself!

  2. Oh, Sally – it wouldn’t have qualified as heavenly if it weren’t common for me to go without showering (more often than I like to admit) for 2 + days! If I get more than 2 a week I feel pretty lucky.

    Wishing you some happy, steamy, shower time of your own!

  3. About to lie down in bed after a near sleepless night, sounds pretty heavenly to me. But really heavenly would be a massage.

  4. That sounds absolutely perfect. But not doable for the next 2 weeks (preschoolers have no preschool), Darcy works 100 hours a week. I love to live vicariously though 😉 so thanks for this 🙂

  5. Sounds perfect and blissful 🙂

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