Glimpses of the Weekend

May 28, 2013

Normally long weekends do me in and I’m ready to return to work by noon on a Sunday, but this past Memorial Day weekend, for reasons I can’t quite put into words, was lovely. I didn’t want it to end.

On Saturday, we went to the local farmer’s market and then wandered around downtown. After much consultation with the bike shop staff, we got Dot her first bike, which was very exciting even though she only agreed that we could take it home with us when I promised to put streamers and a bell on it for her. Saturday afternoon is now my allotted span of time just for me, and I went to the Rec Center and spent a lovely, long, and sweaty time on an elliptical machine. Then I came home, did a few leisurely dishes, and read until N and Dot returned from their outing to the park and coffee shop. We all watched a movie together and then headed to bed. It was lovely.

On Sunday we hung out in pajamas for a long time and then I ran to the grocery store to get food for the week and picnic supplies. Then I made turkey sandwiches while Dot packed and unpacked some bags and we headed to N’s office for an office picnic. After that, N stayed behind to do some work while Dot and I headed home. Dot refused to nap but had a lovely time riding her new bike inside the house and playing “Cinderella,” after which we headed outside. I pulled many, many weeds and cut back browning tulip leaves while Dot played and ran around and had a really wonderful time just being outdoors. This concept, that we can be outside together without all of my attention being focused on her, is new and a bit of a revelation. And to see how excited and interested she was when she spotted an earthworm made my entire day.

Monday we had brunch at the local pancake house and then Dot and I took N to the office. On our way home we stopped at the hardware store to pick up some blueberry bushes and then we headed home. I planted, she played, and then I baked a chocolate cake while she played with her toys and bicycle. Then we played together and had a nice discussion about her big girl bed, which I don’t expect she’ll be sleeping in until next year, but it’s nice to get her thinking about it in positive ways. When N came home we feasted on pizza and watched another movie, after which Dot fell asleep pretty much five minutes after lying down on the bed.

Every day was lovely. We had family time and private time and indoor time and lots of outdoor play time. I still had several moments where I wished Dot had a sibling to play with, that Teddy was here adding to the mix and the chaos and the fun, but those were bittersweet moments instead of plain old bitter ones. I wasn’t ready for the weekend to end.

But today is having it’s moments, too – I just found out I have a phone interview with a place I might really like to work. A phone interview doesn’t mean any kind of certainty, but it’s an opening, and I’m looking forward to it.



One comment

  1. That does sound lovely. Bikes and blueberries and big girl beds : )
    Good luck with that interview!

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