Comment Guidelines

First of all, if you’re reading this, thanks! I’m very grateful for comments on my blog, and welcome all of my readers to comment if they want to. I have been very lucky so far in the comments I’ve received here, and am very grateful to my readers and to the online babylost community for showing me and each other such compassion, empathy, and respect.

Because I want to assure that this remains a reasonably safe space for me and for fellow babylost parents, and because I value civil discourse and respect, I do have some guidelines for comments. I may choose to remove comments that don’t adhere to the guidelines.


  • Please be respectful. This is my most important guideline. It doesn’t mean that you cannot or should not disagree with me, anything I write, or with comments from another person. It does mean that I expect disagreement to be expressed without recourse to threatening, abusive, or harassing language, or personal attacks, or derogatory language that targets specific individuals or groups.
  • Profanity doesn’t offend me, even though I tend to use it sparingly. So long as the above guideline about respect is followed, if you want to swear in your comments, go ahead!
  • Spam, comments that promote services, products, or political campaigns without addressing the content of blog entries or of other comments will be removed.
  • I ask that commentators do not plagiarize or violate copyright.

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